ISE 2017 vindicates the roadmap for dnp LaserPanel

Karlslunde, Denmark, February 2017: ISE 2017 proved to be the perfect vindication of dnp denmark’s Optical flat screen roadmap. Judging from the outstanding response to their presentation, the optical projection screen specialists have never been more convinced that their new 100” dnp LaserPanel and dnp LaserPanel Touch solutions have found their time.

“With record attendances once again [registered attendance of 73,413 represented an 11.7% increase over the previous year], it was the bundled dnp LaserPanel solutions that largely drove visitors to our stand,” observed Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP Global Sales & Marketing. “This made the show a fantastic one for us and we met hundreds of serious potential buyers.”
Further evidence was the way in which projector manufacturer partners have embraced 4K laser technology. In fact high acuity dnp displays could be seen on a number of their nearby neighbours’ booths in Hall #1 including Delta, Casio, Christie, Delta, Barco and Eyevis, while their own reseller partners such as COMM-TEC also represented dnp’s award-winning Supernova Screen platform.

dnp LaserPanels not only caught the eye of meeting room consultants and integrators but notably sports clubs within the Benelux area, according to Kraemmergaard. “We believe we will now be able to grow this further throughout Europe,” he said.

“In the higher educational segment, they are also finding that as smart boards reach end of life or cease to work, facilities are looking to replace them with dnp LaserPanel Touch.” These interactive displays are equipped with interactive camera and IR pen.

With a growing recognition that high ambient light levels are a fact of life, AV professionals are starting to turn increasingly to the high quality dnp LaserPanels. “They appreciate what we are trying to contribute in terms of [LaserPanel] furniture and being able to offer a complete package. Customers also like the idea of ‘one stop’ shopping — they want a simple end-to-end solution that they can order from a single supplier. We offer simplicity while maintaining image quality and it fits the meeting room experience perfectly.”

Soeren Kraemmergaard added that this philosophy was borne out throughout the show. “Dealing with ambient light seems to be a predominant theme, which is something we have been preaching for years. With our platforms we have something larger than the conventional flat panels and at a fraction of the price, which gives us a competitive advantage. We will focus on solutions from 100” and upwards, as we don’t foresee a demand for screens and solutions below 100” in the near future.”

Away from laser, dnp also showed a 220” example of their virtually seamless Supernova Infinity Screen for large venues, which was extremely well received as was the motorised Supernova Flex Classic, which is increasingly being accepted by the market.

The dnp VP also notes that the industry again tends to move away from LED solutions for mission critical 24/7 applications such as control rooms — an area in which dnp has historically been strong with its cube technology.

“This was unthinkable two years ago,” he says. “But people no longer see LED as a maintenance-free solution and prefer to stay with Cube video walls, which are less expensive but maintain the image quality and 24/7 reliability. We are increasingly seeing 4K videowalls, as companies like Barco and Delta develop new laser products to cope with the demand. This can only be 100% positive for us as we develop better screens too.”

The final icing on the cake for dnp denmark was the networking party which the company hosted at its booth. “I got the chance to talk to some of our top tier partners and see how they are interacting with each other to extend their experience.”

In conclusion, Soeren Kraemmergaard says he has rarely had a more positive reaction to a trade show. “All the hype with dnp LaserPanels is starting to pay off for us. And I no longer think of us as a screens company so much as a complete display solution provider.” 


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