Split-screen comparison between dnp optical screens (lower half) and conventional white screens (upper half) in COMM-TEC’s showroom.



Seeing is believing

Show – don’t tell. dnp Partner COMM-TEC puts the famous proverb into action and demonstrates the power of dnp Supernova Screens at a customer event in Germany.

“When it comes to dnp optical screens, a picture speaks louder than words. So instead of just talking about them, we urge potential customers to experience the benefits with their own eyes,” says Georg Übele from COMM-TEC.

The demonstration took place in COMM-TEC’s show room in Uhingen, Germany, where COMM-TEC are able to make very convincing split-screen comparisons between conventional white screens and optical screens from dnp.

“When we turn on the light in the room, the dnp screens speak for themselves. dnp optical screens enhance the contrast level of a projected image by 7 times, compared to a similar image on a standard white front screen. So there’s no need to dim the lights during presentations and no danger of your audience getting drowsy,” says Georg Übele.

Read more about the dnp Supernova Screen technology here.

DIY demonstrations
Customers are also invited to make their own comparisons. Together with dnp, COMM-TEC is running a Do-It-Yourself demo campaign where A4 samples of dnp optical screen material is sent to customers. The customers can then evaluate the quality of the optical screen surface by placing or holding the A4 sample in the light beam in front of their own screen. The effect is very dramatic.

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dnp LaserPanel demo at Monitor Expo, Cph.

Visit our booth #H-035 at the Monitor Expo 2016 exhibition in Bella Center, Copenhagen, 2-3 November

Installation of the month - September 2016

AV specialist in Germany, Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG., turned pale presentations into great visual experiences at Kip’s German headquarters.




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