Supernova brightens the view in conference room

AV specialist in Germany, Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG., turned pale presentations into great visual experiences at Kip’s German headquarters. The image above shows the presentation solution before (inserted in the large image) and after the dnp Supernova Blade Screen was installed.

Refurbishment opened clients eyes
Based in Germany, Kip GmbH is a leading producer of adhesive tapes for the construction industry. Recently the company refurbished their conference and training rooms. And it quickly became clear to Kip that they would need to renovate the AV solution as well, as the white wall on it’s own could not be used to project images well enough.

“The problem was that the high ambient light level was washing out the image,” says Tim Birkner of Thies Bürotechnik. “It was important to Kip to a have very spacious feeling and lots of natural light in the rooms. And in this case room darkening was not an option, because Kip didn’t want their employees and partners to have to sit in the dark for presentations.”

High contrast makes all the difference
Kip wanted to make the best use of their Epson video and presentation projectors. “The only thing missing was a high-contrast projection screen that could deal with the ambient light and deliver bright and sharp presentations even in bright daylight,” says Birkner. “The dnp Supernova Blade was the most cost-effective way to do that.”

Super-easy installation
The installation includes three Supernova Blade Screens – one in each half of the room and an additional screen in another training room. “The Supernova is incredibly easy to install. I rarely do installations easier than the Supernova, and the clients are always so pleased with the results,” says Birkner.


  •  Customer: Kip GmbH, Germany
  •  Installer: Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
  •  Distributor: COMM-TEC GmbH, Germany
  •  Screens: 3 x 120” dnp Supernova Blade
  •  Projectors: 3 x Epson EB-1985WU


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