Contrast ratios at highest level

Conference centres

Conventional front-projected images simply don’t perform well with the bright lighting systems typically used in conference halls. In these situations, only dnp optical screen technology provide satisfactory quality. Video conference is another application where a bright environment is required.


Studies show that in order for a viewer to see detailed information clearly, the minimum acceptable contrast is 15:1. dnp’s optical front projection screen, Supernova, was the world’s first front screen to break the 15:1 contrast barrier. Our rear projection screens offer contrast ratios way above this level.


dnp Supernova Screens make colours far more vivid and images more detailed than standard screens – and the Supernova Infinity Screen variant can be used to create displays in any size. For extra bright conference rooms, the dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen – the world’s largest optical rear projection screen – guarantees superior image contrast and excellent visibility from all positions in even the largest conference room.


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dnp denmark is the worldwide large-screen centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. With a 65 % market share, dnp is the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screens for high quality display solutions.

The dnp optical screen portfolio includes an extensive range of optical projection screens for both front and rear projection screen applications for all environments including home cinema / home theatre, meeting rooms / conference rooms, control rooms, signage & advertising and more.

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