dnp Supernova Short Throw Screens

You appreciate the cost-effectiveness of Ultra-Short-Throw projectors and the convenience they offer when installing AV systems in compact spaces. But what about the lack of contrast in bright environments? dnp’s extended family of Short Throw Screens meets this challenge head on!

Bigger and more cost-effective than LCD flat screens
Projection solutions with the new dnp Supernova  ST screens offer large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED/LCD flat screen. A 100” dnp Supernova ST Screen paired with a suitable projector cost around 50% of a leading-brand LED-backlit LCD screen.

Meet the ST family
Our three dnp Supernova ST Screens are the perfect complement to UST projectors, boosting contrast and enhancing image quality in a series of challenging user environments – from conventional meeting rooms and auditoriums to control room and simulation displays, and even digital signage.

dnp Supernova STS - for standard viewing angles
Based on circular Fresnel technology, the dnp Supernova STS Screen optimizes the image for standard viewing angles, meaning that people who are seated in front of the screen can enjoy the best possible image quality. Screen sizes up to 100” in 16:9.

dnp Supernova STW - for wider seating arrangements
Optimised for wider seating arrangements such as classrooms and auditoriums, the new dnp Supernova STW Screen incorporates a Black/White lenticular lens structure that absorbs incident light and has a horizontal half gain of 85 degrees. This model is available up to 110” in 16:9. (Will be available in a 120" version in Q1 2016).

dnp Supernova STE - for seamless images on a wide screen
Designed for edge-blending displays where several projectors generate a seamless image onto a wide screen. The dnp Supernova STE Screen incorporates dnp’s Black/White lenticular technology. The screen material is available in sizes up to 181” in 32:10 and up to 231” in 46:10 format.

  •  Unique optical screen technologies
  •  Best-in-class performance with Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors
  •  Compact, space-saving installation design
  •  Unrivalled front projection image-contrast
  •  Cost-effective alternative to LED-backlit LCD screens
  •  Ready for interactive touch screen applications
  •  Screen sizes up to 231” in 46:10
  •  Compatible with a wide range of UST projectors
  •  4K compatible


Accessories - Wall Mount+
The Wall Mount+ ensures quick installation of perfectly flat images on non-flat walls.
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Click to see dnp screens in different living room settings

Click to see dnp screens in different living room settings


dnp denmark is the worldwide large-screen centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. With a 65 % market share, dnp is the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screens for high quality display solutions.

The dnp optical screen portfolio includes an extensive range of optical projection screens for both front and rear projection screen applications for all environments including home cinema / home theatre, meeting rooms / conference rooms, control rooms, signage & advertising and more.

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