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Monitoring passenger safety in the Nanjing Metro 

China: Every day, the operators of the Central Control Centre of Nanjing Metro hold the safety of millions of passengers in their hands. Screen technology from VTRON and dnp denmark provides them with a perfect overview of the metro system.


On the fifth floor of the Nanjing Metro Building lies the heart and brain of the entire railway system of Nanjing. From a 700 m2 large control room, operators constantly monitor train speed, light signals, air conditioning, station lights and power supply.


This calls for ultra-precise display technology that combines high resolution and wide viewing angles with ergonomically balanced brightness and contrast levels to prevent operators from eye-strain.


The Metro’s new 16.5 metres wide control display comprises 36 cubes with VTRON DLP™ engines and 67" VTRON GUCS screens based on dnp’s Ultra Contrast Screen technology. VTRON decided on this display solution because GUCS screens are made from a unique environmentally stable acrylic material. This feature is vital because it prevents screens from contracting or expanding.


The control display has indeed been a good investment. We have optimised and centralised management and work procedures. And very importantly, the safety of the metro passengers has been enhanced, says the leader of the Central Control Centre of Nanjing Metro.


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