Choosing home theatre screens and home theater projectors

Two things are important when you decide on which home cinema system you should buy: the projecton and the screen. Projectors for home theater applications come in many qualities from a wide range of projector producers. All dnp screens are optimized to enhance the outpot of modern home theater projectors. Home theatre screens comes in two qualities, normal reflective projector screens and optical Supernova screens, which offer far better contrast and image brightness – even in bright rooms. Are we arrogant? No. Supernova is the first projector screen producer to break the 15:1 contrast barrier, and empirical studies show that for the viewer to be able to see detailed images in a clean way, the minimum acceptable contrast must be 15:1. Good contrast begins at 20:1 in image contrast ratio.


High contrast home theatre screens

Supernova’s award-winning combination of new technologies actively enhances both image contrast and brightness – resulting in up to 10 times higher contrast and 2 times brighter images than traditional front projector home cinema screens. Supernova's optical lens film reduces the impact of ambient light, which makes it possible to get clear images even in daylight. And the screen’s unique reflection layer in combination with black colour layer ensures optimal images for your home cinema experience.



Compare for yourself

Top: Supernova 20-20 screen material
Middle: Standard white front screen
Bottom: Supernova 08-85 screen material

Front projector home cinema

Supernova front projection screens eliminate the need for rear projector home cinema systems. Supernova front projection screens like Supernova One, Supernova Core and Supernova Flex provide clear images with high-quality contrast and bright colours that resemble the quality of rear projector systems and LCD and plasma TV screens. But the advantages of Supernova Screens are obvious: front projector home cinema systems require far less space than rear projector home cinema systems, and the cost of front projector home cinema systems are only a fraction of the cost of a 120'' LCD or plasma screen.


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