Projetor screen in advertising

Projection screen for Point of Sale advertising and signage

Point of Sale advertising, digital signage solutions, advertising displays and information screens are becoming and increasingly attractive way of communicating with customers. Recent surveys indicate that more than half of all purchase decisions are made inside the store.


A High quality dnp optical projection screen is the perfect way to provide relevant, lightning quick information, at the very moment when consumers are making a purchase decision.  Offering extra large screen sizes and unrivalled image clarity, they add a larger-than-life experience to Point of Sale advertising and digital signage solutions in general. A dnp signage screen is guaranteed to grab your customers’ attention!


dnp Point of Sale, advertising and signage screens are available in sizes up to 200”, and can be combined to form even bigger displays. As a result they go far beyond what a conventional flat panel screen can offer. The effects are rapidly evident in your bottom line.


In-store screen advertising increase sales

Studies show that in-store screen advertising generates:

  • 7 times more attention than printed signs2)
  • an average of 42% increase in sales3)
  • a lift of 162% for some impulse items4) 


dnp offers the world’s most complete range of Point of Sale advertising and signage screen solutions – from “flying” displays in shop windows to wall-mounted and built-in information and signage displays in airports and museums.


Whatever the message you want to display, and whereever you want to display it, we have the technology you need. Select an advertising display that is optimised for long or short viewing distances; for horizontal and/or vertical viewing angles; for display of video and/or data and for location in medium or brightly lit environments.


Nothing is more likely to catch the attention of shoppers and passers-by than a billboard-sized advertising display with moving images. And with so many purchasing decisions based on impulse at the Point of Sale, the opportunity is too good to miss!


Optical projection screen for better performance

An optical projection screen from dnp is not a traditional screen. It is an advanced optical lens system, which enables you to control the projected image for maximum impact – even in brightly-lit environments.
While a conventional front and rear projection screen spread the light in all directions, dnp screens enhance the image for optimum viewing by focusing and concentrating the projected light.

Other applications with dnp optical projection screens include conference room displays,home entertainment displays and control room displays.



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dnp denmark is the worldwide large-screen centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. With a 65 % market share, dnp is the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screens for high quality display solutions.

The dnp optical screen portfolio includes an extensive range of optical projection screens for both front and rear projection screen applications for all environments including home cinema / home theatre, meeting rooms / conference rooms, control rooms, signage & advertising and more.

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