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Optical projection screens for TV studio

More and more TV studios use large optical projection screens as part of their settings for news broadcasts, sport studios and game shows.


The ability to show live images in large sizes under high ambient light conditions make optical projection screens well suited for on-air support via Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or Satellite News Gathering (SNG). Moreover, optical projection screens allow set designers to change the look of the TV studio and adjust to different programmes simply by changing screen content.


Big screens in bright TV studio

Most TV studios operate with light levels well above 1000 lux, which would completely “wash out” the image on a conventional (non-optical) front projection screen. So before buying a screen for a TV studio make sure it is able to withstand direct light without showing any reflections from light sources and technical equipment. It is also important that the screen is designed to provide good images even when seen from wide viewing angles.


Optical rear projection screens from dnp effectively solve these problems: They provide perfect images – even at colour temperatures well above 3000 Kelvin. The screens have built-in anti-reflective technology and contrast enhancements systems. And they provide wide viewing angles right round to 180˚. Click for installation examples of TV studios with optical projection screens.


Optical front or rear projection screens?

dnp offers different optical projection screens suitable for TV studios. The screens come in two main types: optical front projection screens and optical rear projection screens.


In front projection systems, the projector is sited in the room at some distance from the screen. Rear projection systems are built into the wall with the projector concealed discretely behind the screen.


In the TV studio’s harsh lighting environment, dnp optical rear projection screens really come into their own. They generate the superior contrast levels required: 4 times what conventional rear projection screens are capable of. dnp rear projection screens for TV studios include dnp Sigma Screen (ideal for news studio backdrops, sizes up to 120"), dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen (for large TV studios, sizes up to 200") and dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen TV studio (optimized for extra bright environments). The dnp Supernova Infinity optical front projection screen is also an option. Because it’s easy to install remove and re-install, it can provide the versatility crucial to modern TV studios.


Other applications with dnp optical projection screens include conference room displays, point of sale displays, control room displays and home entertainment displays.


dnp denmark is the worldwide large-screen centre of Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. With a 65 % market share, dnp is the world’s leading supplier of optical projection screens for high quality display solutions.

The dnp optical screen portfolio includes an extensive range of optical projection screens for both front and rear projection screen applications for all environments including home cinema / home theatre, meeting rooms / conference rooms, control rooms, signage & advertising and more.

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