Ambient light

What is ambient light? The ambient light is basically all other light other than that being directly emitted from the display. The scientific term is ‘illuminance’, which we measure in lux.

Other light than from the display

         Fig 23

Typically the ambient light level in a meeting room will comprise a combination of daylight from windows, lighting in the ceiling and the light emanating from the display itself. Depending on the reflectivity of the various surfaces in the room, the resulting ambient light level will be a combination of all these factors.


The ambient light level combined with the actual luminances in the field of vision determines the average adaptation level and thus influences our perception of the display.


Controlling the ambient light is essential for achieving high quality images. Daylight and direct sunlight is extremely powerful compared with artificial lighting – and especially compared with the power of projection systems.


Controlling daylight, using blinds or sun shading, must have a very high priority in any design.


In applications where daylight cannot be controlled, placing the display carefully to avoid high luminances – such as windows in the field of vision – should be considered.


Furthermore, direct light from the windows or the lighting onto the display should be avoided as this will affect the contrast – sometimes catastrophically.

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