The Eye

What we actually ‘see’ is the perception of light that reaches the photoreceptors in our retina.

Vision is the primary of our five senses

                      Fig 10

The human eye has two sets of photoreceptors, namely the rods and the cones, the rods being active at very low light levels and the cones at high light levels.


The perception is the process in the brain which interprets the impulses from the photoreceptors into images that can be processed and understood within our mind.


Our vision is the primary of our five senses, handling more than 90 % of the inputs to our nerve system.


Vision is a highly sophisticated and integrated system, capable of handling an enormous amount of information, adapting to extreme light conditions and distinguishing between minute details.


That’s why the quality of the displays is so crucial; you just can’t fool the eye even though you might fool the perception.

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