Stryker chooses dnp Supernova for large seamless images

Our Installation of the Month is being appreciated every day at Stryker’s Cork facility, where Meritec’s solution – a 139” dnp Supernova Infinity Screen – is delivering seamless, high-contrast images across wide viewing angles, despite a brightly lit presentation room.

Experienced customer

Stryker is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment and frequently uses large displays at its Irish facilities in Cork and Limerick. The company often uses video wall arrays to achieve the required image size, but when planning for a new installation in a presentation suite, they wanted to try something different. Meritec, a leading AV integrator in Ireland, was called in to work on the project.

Challenges faced

The key thing Stryker wanted to achieve was a seamless image. This needed to be of the highest possible quality, despite the very high level of ambient light in the presentation room. Second, they wanted the new solution to harmonize with the room’s high quality interior design and finish.

dnp Supernova Infinity selected

Visual Displays, (dnp’s UK and Ireland distribution partner) worked with the client to conduct a detailed analysis of the required user experience, including viewing angles, contrast-levels and utilising DISCAS (the new ANSI/InfoComm standard) to define image size.  This resulted in the selection of a 139” dnp Supernova Infinity Screen.

This front-projection screen delivers the high contrast required, successfully overcoming the challenging light conditions and extreme viewing angles. "Of course I am used to seeing the dramatic results of dnp Supernova, but the biggest delight of all is when you get such wonderful feedback from those who are the viewers and users" says Greg Jeffreys, Director of Visual Displays and moderator of the DISCAS standard.

Delighted with the results

Installation was straightforward according to the experienced technicians at Visual Displays Ltd, and the results equally impressive. “The client said he was utterly delighted with the quality of the image,” says Meritec Director Ronan McLaughlin.


dnp Supernova Infinity 3076 x 1730 mm (139”), 16:9


Stryker Corp., Cork, Ireland


Visual Displays Ltd, with Meritec, Kilcoole, Ireland



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