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The dnp Beta Screen is an advanced double element screen, which is especially developed for modern video-wall multi-screen applications. The Beta Screen offers improved horizontal viewing angles and superior brightness uniformity.

  • High resolution and exceptionally uniform brightness
  • Available from 84" to 120”
  • 180˚ viewing angle
  • Ultra-short focal length
  • Compatible with all standard projectors

The dnp Beta Screen has been optimized for modern control room engines, which offer high brightness uniformity.

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 As projectors become more and more powerful and with higher resolution, the trend goes towards larger cubes and thus fewer screens and projectors in the wall. The result is lower maintenance costs and fewer seams, which are critical factors in modern control room displays. The dnp Beta Screen’s exceptional size makes it the perfect screen for these modern cube systems.

the dnp Beta Screen is designed exclusively for state-of-the-art control room applications, it is only available in focal lengths for ultra short throw lenses.

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