dnp Black Bead Screen Designed for high-light environments

Superior contrast and black levels

The dnp Black Bead Screen is a unique screen with superior contrast and black levels. The screen is especially designed for control rooms and multi-screen applications and offers excellent viewing angles – both horizontally and vertically.

The dnp Black Bead Screen is specially designed for multi-screen applications in high-light environments. Use it with a powerful projector for a smooth, uniform image and excellent horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

  • Non-Glare surface
  • Wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles
  • Superb centre-to-corner brightness uniformity
  • Multiple focal length options
  • Compatible with all standard projectors

The screen not only maximizes the actual image contrast, it enhances the perceived contrast as the screen appears black when in repose. Made for close-up viewing, its exceptionally detailed image looks more like a sparkling poster than a projection.

The dnp Black Bead Screen is available in a Non-Glare (NG) Acrylic version which eliminates reflections from light sources such as windows, room lighting etc.

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