Screen size up to 130" Truly state-of-the-art technology

dnp New Wide Angle ScreenOne of the world’s best-selling optical rear projection screens

The dnp New Wide Angle Screen is the world’s best selling optical rear projection screen for professional installations. The screen can be used in practically every rear projection application you can think of – plus a few others!

  • Improved wide angle lens technology
  • Enhanced resolution and 180˚ horizontal viewing angles
  • Screen sizes from 100”-130”
  • Multiple focal length options
  • High brightness levels
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Ultra fine resolution in any ambient environment

The dnp New Wide Angle Screen offers true 180° horizontal viewing angles, high contrast and ultra-fine resolution and has a special dark tint, which enhances the contrast.


The dnp New Wide Angle Screen is an optical single element system with 2 active lens surfaces. The screen features a special dark tint which enhances the contrast and colour depth of the image. The screen produces an optimum viewing area which is very wide horizontally and relatively narrow vertically.

  • Auditorium/sports arena
  • Conference room
  • Control room
  • TV studio
  • AdvertisingIn-store
  • AdvertisingWindow display
  • Home entertainmentBright
  • Education
  dnp New Wide Angle Screen
Projection principle Rear
Screen design Fixed frame
Maximum size in 16:9 119"
Maximum size in 16:10 122"
Pre-assembled Yes
Screen surface Hard
Available screen materials Fresnel / Lenticular


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