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With optical screens from dnp there’s no need to dim the lights and no danger of your audience getting drowsy.

Why choose a dnp display?

Why choose a dnp display?

  • 1Sharp contrast in normal daylight so you can keep the shades open and the lights on
  • 2Reliable visibility from anywhere in the room
  • 3Increased effectivity because everybody can see the screen at once

Big, bright screens that make you shine

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, the ability to get your ideas across persuasively is crucial. With dnp optical projection screens, you can make a high-impact presentation or hold a big screen video conference, even in brightly-lit environments. Spaces like conference and meeting rooms that are often designed to maximise natural light.

dnp optical screens can dramatically enhance the contrast level of a projected image, compared to a similar image on a standard white front screen. So there’s no need to dim the lights when presenting your proposal and no danger of your audience getting drowsy.

Check out our Guide To Better Meetings for more inspiration.

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We recommended a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen [...] not only for the ‘wow’ factor everyone wanted. Crucially, our solution delivered the best value, too.

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