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Educators have long known that pictures are worth thousands of words

Why choose a dnp display?

Why choose a dnp display?

  • 1Clear, visible images across lecture halls and in smaller classroom settings
  • 2Optimal visibility with normal light levels and blinds open
  • 3High value/cost ratio keeps projection screens affordable

Making teaching easier and learning more fun

Educators now understand that optimal lighting delivers concrete benefits. Higher grades, better student behaviour and fewer absences are a few examples. They are transcending the old choice between washed-out images and oppressively dark rooms.

Now, thanks to dnp’s revolutionary screen technology, you no longer have to choose.

Because dnp optical projection screens let you project high-contrast images in brightly-lit rooms, teachers do not have to switch the lights off and draw the blinds in order to get a crisp image and vibrant colours.

They can keep the lighting at normal levels, allowing natural eye contact and interaction with students. Students learn more and nobody nods off.


Supernova matches the brightness and energy of the students it is intended for!

Doshisha Kori Junior & Senior High School, Osaka, JP View case

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