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Film screenings, gaming and dynamic décor – dnp displays are a real show-stopper

Why choose a dnp display?

Why choose a dnp display?

  • 1Sharper images, richer colours, and dazzling contrast
  • 2Convenient to move, mount and position
  • 3Adds excitement to family spaces

Large as life entertainment

Our modern homes now serve many purposes: living spaces, social crossroads, electronic nexus, and – for many – a workspace as well. Homes today are full of screens, from traditional TVs and computers to ever-present mobile devices.

We’re used to the resolution that LED and LCD screens provide – for movies, gaming, online conferencing and other hobby or professional applications.

But drop a big, eye-catching dnp optical projection screen into this mix and watch the impression it makes on guests and household members alike. In both high and low light conditions, fixed and moving images stand out on a dnp projection screen.

Watching the news, online game action and evening movie entertainment will never be the same.


We all love it, with its colours, contrast and clarity, it is like having a Rembrandt in our living room

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