A bright idea for an interactive boardroom

A cost-effective, high-quality interactive display, integrated with video conferencing and wireless collaboration. That’s what COL Financial in the Philippines were hoping to achieve when they refurbished their boardroom. Our installation of the month is the dnp LaserPanel Touch solution, which is delivering exactly what COL wanted - recommended and installed by Fil-Nippon Technology Supply.

Dual needs defined

The boardroom at COL Financial (Citi Securities, a Philippines stock market broker) hosts business-critical meetings as well as seminars and market-strategy presentations for investors. Those presenting - and attending - need more than just a high-quality display; they also need video-conferencing capability and an easy way of interacting with charts and data.

Demo helps decide

When the boardroom was refurbished, COL visited the Ultimate Showroom Experience in Makati City, Philippines, to review potential display solutions. Impressed by dnp’s display technology, they commissioned an installation from Fil-Nippon Technology Supply.

Much more for less

”The cost-effective 100” dnp LaserPanel Touch allowed space in the budget for video-conferencing with a motion sensor camera, a high end sound system, microphone, speaker, wireless  collaboration and switching. In other words a complete interactive display solution for the same price as a 100” flat screen TV without any of those value-adding features which are so important in daily use of the solution. So, with the same budget, you get so much more with dnp LaserPanel – and still a fantastic image!”, said Frederick G. Chao, VP-Operations at Fil-Nippon Technology Supply.

Installation and integration

The installation process was straightforward, all components being wall-mounted, and the dnp products integrated smoothly with the company’s ATEN control system. All the equipment can be controlled easily from a tablet, giving the boardroom and its technology a seamless feel.

dnp has it all covered!

COL comments that interactive communication is vital in its busy boardroom. “We study numerous charts, and often make notes on the board. We had earlier identified how important it was for us to be able to do this. The dnp solution actually delivered everything we were looking for.”


dnp LaserPanel Touch 100” with dnp LaserCurtain


COL Financial Group Inc., Philippines


Fil-Nippon Technology Supply Inc.

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