A different kind of moving image: dnp LaserPanel

dnp Partner KIC and installer MVA joined forces to create an innovative mobile solution for the discerning Hotel The Flag in Japan. Based on the dnp LaserPanel display, they delivered a high quality, flexible installation within budget. This wins them our Installation of the Month title.

Style, quality and mobility

Osaka’s stylish hotel “Hotel The Flag” presented a real challenge to local dnp Partner KIC Corporation and installer Mainichi Video-Audio System, Inc. The hotel wanted a big, high-quality display system that would not only harmonize with the hotel interior, but also be possible to use in different rooms.

Making it all add up

The hotel’s original thinking was to have a projector and a screen in each room. Clearly, this would have major cost implications. However, KIC was able to use dnp technology as the basis for a single mobile – and much more cost-effective – solution. KIC devised a mobile solution combining the dnp screen and projector.

Check out our brightness demo to see how dnp technology enhances image contrast in bright rooms.

All angles covered

The dnp LaserPanel display provides crisp, high-contrast images wherever the hotel needs them at a fraction of the cost of an LED flat screen and the screen technology delivers the wide viewing angles that Hotel The Flag required for the two rooms. Beside the benefits of the mobility solution the unique stand offers outstanding user-friendly adjustments which ensures that the display is quick and easy to adjust and set-up.

Ready to roll!

The minimalist stand is easy to roll from room to room, and with no permanent fixtures, there is no impact on the hotel’s decor or structure. Furthermore, the screen proportions deliver images on an impressive scale while still accommodating the hotel’s relatively low ceiling height. The hotel’s manager comments, “We are very pleased with our mobile dnp LaserPanel solution, and especially the fact that we can use it in multiple rooms.”


100” dnp LaserPanel solution


Hotel The Flag, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan


Mainichi Video-Audio System, Inc., Osaka, Japan


KIC, Japan


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