“A Rembrandt in my living room”

What does a professional AV specialist choose for his home AV system? Prasad Indulkar wanted the best screen on the market. His choice of a 100” dnp LaserPanel solution won his family’s approval!

No demo needed

Prasad Indulkar is an AV specialist at PMI Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. – a recognized AVSI company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Over the years, Mr Indulkar has installed several dnp screen solutions for customers. So when the time came to equip and furnish his new apartment, Mr Indulkar did not hesitate to choose a 100” dnp LaserPanel, the all-in-one solution that includes an optical dnp screen and a matching ultra-short throw laser projector.

Best solution, all round

dnp LaserPanels offer large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED flat screen. They met Mr Indulkar’s demands for a large, flat, easily installed yet affordable display, winning out against several competing solutions. “It is the best projection surface in the industry, with outstanding quality and ease of installation,” he says. And since the projector can be placed immediately in front of and below the screen, it is completely unobtrusive.

The family approves!

Mr Indulkar and his family appreciate the way the full HD (4K-ready) screen is optimized for comfortable viewing and is easy on the eyes. They use it for everyday TV, movies and even for karaoke parties with friends. “We all love it, with its colours, contrast and clarity, it is like having a Rembrandt in our living room.” says Dr Mrs Indulkar.“


100” dnp LaserPanel


Prasad Indulkar, Thane, Maharashtra, India


PMI Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra, India


dnp LaserPanel projector


Home entertainment


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