An excellent match for global technology and engineering

IET Savoy Place is a famous central London landmark and an organisation renowned globally for setting best practices in technology and engineering. Where do they turn when they need new AV infrastructure? The answer in this case was Snelling Business Systems, who in turn recommended dnp Supernova Infinity Screens for a system to impress – and earn our Installation of the Month award.

A reputation to live up to

When the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) wanted to refurbish its London headquarters, they faced a clear challenge. The IET was seeking an AV infrastructure to generate higher revenues, create better work environments for both internal and external clients, and support large-scale events. And the installation had to meet the standards of an organisation renowned for setting best practices in technology and engineering worldwide.

dnp screen versus micro-perforated screens

The IET had originally specified micro-perforated screens. However, given the client’s objectives, Snelling’s demonstration of a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen installation changed their minds, with its stunning visual improvement and its ability to meet the consultants’ stringent 15:1 contrast ratio requirement.

Tailored solution for listed building

The challenge was made even greater because of the building’s listed status, which imposed restrictions on the possible technical solutions. For the Kelvin Lecture Theatre, Snelling’s creative engineers designed and manufactured a bespoke periscopic projection rig. The projectors were edge blended, so the dnp screen had to be installed to exacting standards. In the Turing Theatre, meanwhile, the relationship between the optimal projection position and the screen surface meant that structural engineers had to laser-cut an RSJ to allow the projected light through.

The IET is now using their new installation for live events including seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc., displaying live content as well as high-resolution graphics.


2 x dnp Supernova Infinity, 287” and 164”


Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, UK


3 x Panasonic PTDZ16K 16000 ANSI


Conference Room, Signage & Advertising


Visual Displays Ltd., UK


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