Boarding School improves the learning experience with Supernova

After a major renovation, a Danish boarding school wanted to improve the classroom experience by engaging students in high-quality video learning. The dnp Supernova STS front projection screen helped them achieve this in a cost-effective way.

An open learning environment

Vejle Idrætsefterskole is a boarding high school that focuses on sports talent development. In an effort to improve the classroom track of their learning program, the school had built a new wing with many large windows to help students enjoy natural light throughout the day.

This creates a great, open environment for learning. However, video presentations were becoming increasingly part of the curriculum, and students and teachers were experiencing washed out images in the new classrooms. The challenge was to find a screen that could deliver good image rendering and clear visuals even when the sun shone brightly.

See brightness demo

Training with movies, videos and pictures

Vice Principal Rikke Hauge explains, “Our training program relies heavily on movies, music videos and pictures. For us it was really important that the image is razor sharp. At the same time, we didn’t want to have to close the blinds and block the natural light the building was designed for.”

The school called AV specialists, FMJ, who recommended the dnp Supernova STS Screen. The dnp Supernova STS enables very compact projection displays and ensures the best possible image, even in blazing sunshine, with an accurate interactive operation – with and without a connected PC.

The Supernova difference

Supernova Screens are designed specifically for large, well-lit spaces. With up to 7 times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard front projection screens, they provide superior image quality, even in high ambient light. The dnp Supernova STS is optimized for Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors. Featuring a sophisticated 6-layer lens structure and half circular Fresnel lens, the dnp Supernova STS offers contrast levels comparable to 80-100” flat panels, but at a lower price point.

“We can see that the screen is not so sensitive to light,” says Rikke. “The image is sharper, the tones are much better and the contrast between the colours is significantly better than what we had before. That means the students are more engaged and are getting the most from their time in the classroom." .”


92” dnp Supernova STS Screen


Vejle Idrætsefterskole


FMJ, Denmark


Epson 585Wi Interactive




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