Brilliant images for an enthusiastic congregation

The First Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has a large and thriving local congregation, and its Sunday services are broadcast worldwide. Now, thanks to two giant dnp Supernova Infinity front projection screens, the church offers a spectacular viewing experience!

A worldwide worship operation

The First Baptist Church Atlanta occupies a 55-acre site in Dunwoody, just north of downtown Atlanta. Its Sunday services are broadcast from the Church’s 2,500-seat Worship Center via 204 stations and seven satellite networks. Obviously, in this situation, the AV facilities are extremely important, not only for the congregation that is physically present but also for those participating remotely. That is why the main sanctuary has a state-of-the art audio, lighting and video system to rival that of any world-class entertainment venue.

Old screen gave washed out images

However, according to Tenny Williams from the Music and Media Ministries, before the installation of dnp screens, the church’s AV system was disappointing. “The white projection screens came from a well-known manufacturer, but the images were totally washed out by the ambient light.”

Striking contrast between screen types

When local contractor, Workhorse Systems Integration (WSI), Covington, demonstrated a dnp Supernova front projection screen, Tenny was astonished. “The difference was like night and day!” he exclaimed. WSI subsequently installed two giant 16’x9’ dnp Supernova Infinity 08-85 front projection screens, each matched with a Christie Roadster S+16K compact three-chip projector.

dnp now first choice for the future

“We now have beautiful HD images, and the entire congregation is thrilled with the new screens. Next year, we will be building another worship space at this location. Once again, dnp Supernova will be our screen of choice,” concludes Tenny.


2 x dnp Supernova Infinity 08-85, 16’x9’ (4.9x2.8m)


First Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Workhorse Systems Integration, Covington, Georgia, USA


2 x Christie Roadster S+16K


Houses of Worship


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