Brilliant solution for bank’s sunny conference room

Our Installation of the Month award goes to Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co for their new seminar and conference room display at Volksbank Rhede eG. The display features a dnp Supernova Blade Screen, which not only looks stylish but also performs superbly in spite of the natural light that floods into the room on a sunny day.

Finding the right supplier

When Volksbank Rhede eG in Germany were looking to install a state-of-the-art AV system in their new conference room, Mr. Andreas Ridder (responsible for EDV-Administration) asked around for advice. He ended up talking to the AV integration company Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG and went ahead.

The biggest challenge

The installer immediately grasped that the main advantage of the bank’s bright, airy new conference room was also its biggest challenge. How could they provide a high-quality visual display when there was so much natural light? Their solution was a frameless 120” dnp Supernova Blade Screen. When Mr. Ridder saw the screen, it was love at first sight. He understood right away how this sleek, ambient light rejecting screen would help visitors focus on the content of the bank’s training sessions, lectures and board meetings.

 See brightness demo

Separate signals

Another of the bank’s key requirements was that it should be possible to divide the single large conference and training room into two smaller ones when needed. The physical separation was easily achieved with a mobile partition wall. But what about the AV system? Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co designed it so that the two parts of the room can be technically independent of one another. Image and sound signals are automatically separated when the partition wall is drawn.

Attention to detail

Every detail of the AV system was meticulously planned and implemented – from the inconspicuous installation of the ceiling speakers and beamer to the slimline dnp Supernova Blade screen itself.  Even the placement of the lights in the room was adjusted to achieve the best possible results for projection, and the air conditioning unit was moved to make way for the EPSON EB-L610U Laser Projector. The whole system is smooth and easy to operate. Presentations are initiated simply by pushing a button on the customized, wall-mounted touch panel.


dnp Supernova Blade 120”


Volksbank Rhede


Thies Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG.


EPSON EB-L610U Laser Projector


Conference/training room


COMM-TEC GmbH, Germany


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