Canon projects its history on dnp Supernova Screens

The name, Canon, is synonymous with projectors. So, what type of screen does Canon choose to complement its own projectors in its own presentation space in Japan? The answer is dnp Supernova Blade.

Discerning customers

As a globally recognised brand in optical products, Canon is highly aware of the importance of the visual quality of everything the company displays. When it came to presenting its own history to very discerning customers, Canon was therefore quick to notice that its existing installation was insufficiently bright and clear.

Eye-catching screen

Canon called in a demonstration of dnp screens proved very persuasive. To complement its own projectors, Canon chose eight dnp Supernova Blade Screens (100”, 16:9). The eight screens form one very long rectangle on a curved wall in a brightly lit room. This eye-catching screen is used to display an immersive timeline of the company’s history.

Built-in optical filter

Representatives from Canon are very pleased with the improvement in image quality brought by their dnp screens. dnp’s award-winning Supernova ALR screen materials absorb ambient light and provide high-contrast projected images even in brightly lit environments such as Canon’s. The result is vivid, sharp images with up to seven times higher contrast than conventional front projection screens.

Try the dnp Supernova brightness demo here.

Frameless, space-saving design

The screen’s clean look and slim-line format also complemented Canon’s prestige modern environment. The framless dnp Supernova Blade is only 3mm (0.1 inch) thick and can be mounted on the wall or suspended in wires from the ceiling.


dnp Supernova Blade Screens 100” 16:9 (8 units)


Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan


KIC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


Canon WUX6500 (8 units)


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