dnp used by Korea's main TV broadcaster

Having evaluated several display systems, comparing them on parameters such as quality, price and maintenance, KBS chose video wall cubes with dnp Cross Prism Screens from Hive Systems for their main news studio.

Customer requirements

KBS, Korea's main TV broadcaster, was looking for a competitively priced cube solution that required little maintenance. More importantly, KBS wanted to buy from a Korean supplier and contacted Hive System. Incorporating Hive's own projectors and software, the Contra cubes passed KBS's made in Korea' test.

A Hive Systems representative explained why they proposed the solution with dnp screens: "It's simple! We knew that dnp's Cross Prism rear projection screens are ideal for News studios, and we also knew that they work well with our Contra Video wall system. 

Demo leads to decision

KBS was not that easily convinced. The broadcaster's technical staff evaluated several screens, including LED sign board displays, from several suppliers, comparing them on parameters such as quality, price and maintenance. Before making a final decision, they also asked Hive for three demonstrations and a camera test in their studio. In the end, they understood that Hive offered the best total package and placed their order for 24 Contra video wall cubes with 70" dnp Cross Prism Screens and DLP projectors. 

A win-win for KBS and the installer

Since completion of the installation, Hive's solution is living up to KBS' quality expectations and they are pleased to be working with a local partner. Meanwhile, Hive Systems is enjoying the spin-off from landing this prestigious project. "Other broadcasting companies watch what KBS News does with interest and they know what we've delivered. We are now working for MBC & other broadcasting companies. For Arirang TV, we will set up a new video wall in march," concludes their spokesman.


70" dnp Cross Prism Screens


Korean Broadcasting System


Hive Systems, Korea


Contra LED DLP Cube Contra SX+ 70", 12x2, 24 unit


TV Studio


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