LaserPanel overcomes light challenges in ocean-side home

Our installation of the month solved a problem for a private customer who wanted a very large, TV-like screen to enjoy in his very bright ocean-side home. Congratulations to Kiran Infosystems for creating a very watchable – and equally affordable – dnp LaserPanel solution that delighting the customer and impressing his friends.

A home facing the ocean has many attractions, but strong ambient light is a challenge for any display system. That was the problem facing Venkat Krishnan when he was looking for an affordable large display. Then a mutual contact introduced him to Kiran Infosystems, dnp’s Partner in Mumbai, India.

Realistic demonstration

Kiran Infosystems advised that a dnp LaserPanel would deliver the bright, high-contrast images Venkat wanted. “I attended a demonstration,” he recalls. “And the set up was very realistic, just like a home environment. It gave me a very favourable impression of the dnp LaserPanel.”

Try our brightness demo  of dnp LaserPanel in hight ambient light.

Well-matched technologies

The dnp LaserPanel uses an ultra short-throw laser projector combined with an ultra short-throw screen. Importantly, the screen incorporates advanced lens technology that absorbs incident light and improves contrast with balanced brightness for comfortable viewing over long periods. The solution is elegant, easy to control in a home setting and economical to buy and run.

Smooth installation

Venkat was delighted by the service from Kiran Infosystems: The dnp LaserPanel solution was delivered one day and installed the next, with a follow-up visit from a technician to fine-tune the setup.”

TV-like pictures

The screen is wall-mounted just like an LED flat screen. “In fact, many of my visiting friends think it’s a big TV screen, the picture is so good,” says Venkat. “I’ve been using the screen every day for several months now, and I’m really enjoying those crisp, bright pictures.”

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Venkat Krishnan, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai, India


Kiran Infosystems, Mumbai, India


dnp LaserPanel


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