dnp LaserPanels boost sales at C&A

C&A’s flagship store Amsterdam now boasts a pair of 100” dnp LaserPanels - among the first to be used in a POS application. Installed by CS Digital Media, the attractive moving display prompts customers to think again about the garments they have passed by in the store, thereby generating additional sales. We were so impressed by this idea, we made it our Installation of the Month.

How to leverage the power of images

Dutch clothing retailer C&A was seeking large-format screens for a display system as part of its in-store advertising concept. The chain wanted to bring more visual content into its flagship outlet in Amsterdam and enhance customers’ perceptions.

Finding the right display

CS Digital Media, the Amsterdam-based digital signage and advertising company, became involved thanks to their leading CMS system. This flexible online solution gives clients immediate remote access to their advertising space. But first, there must be a display. C&A store-tested beamers, but found the quality very disappointing.

CS Digital Media suggested a pair of 100” dnp LaserPanels to meet C&A’s size, quality and cost requirements. The screens were installed with minimal inconvenience in less than half a day as a proof of concept in C&A’s flagship store.

See dnp LaserPanel video presentation

Creating interest, boosting sales

Wilma Bakkenhoven (Assistant Store Manager, C&A) comments on how the new system has increased sales: “Ever since the system has been running behind the checkout, customers have been asking about the collections being shown on screen. They often go back into the store to pick up an extra item. They might have already seen it in the store, but they have been attracted by our videos of models wearing the clothes.”

Originally targeted at meeting rooms, the dnp LaserPanels are showing off their versatility in this POS application at C&A, with vivid images that have real customer appeal.


2 x 100” dnp LaserPanels


C&A, Damrak, Amsterdam, Netherlands


dnp LaserPanel projector


Signage & advertising


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