Enlighting a new Danish window museum

Villum Window Collection, a unique new window museum in Søborg, Denmark, has chosen the Supernova Blade Screen to help enrich its permanent exhibition. Housed in a large, well-lit space, the museum’s challenge was to find a screen that could successfully project its historical videos without squandering the gorgeous ambient light.

Merging history with design

Officially opened in April, 2015, the objective of the museum is to take visitors on an exploration of window development and its place in architectural history. The collection features over 300 windows, of all shapes, materials and sizes, dating all the way back to 1600.

The architects’ challenge

The exhibition is housed in a very large, open, single-floor building featuring a slanted glass roof that allows for enormous amounts of natural light. This creates a very pleasant atmosphere and a fantastic venue for viewing art and artifacts, but created a challenge for architects at Rosan Bosch, designers of the exhibition. They needed to find a front projection screen that could properly present the animations and videos they had prepared for the exhibition, without having to create artificially dark spaces.

Supernova technology

The architects called Michael Hansen at Solutors, providers of communication solutions, and he recommended the dnp Supernova Blade. “An ordinary flat screen was not big enough for their needs,” Michael explains, “so there really was no other option than dnp’s optical Supernova Screen. No other front projection screen can attain the image quality they needed in such a brightly lit environment.”

A perfect solution

“The Supernova Blade was the perfect solution for us,” says Dorthe Bech-Nielsen, Architect MAA of VKR Holding.
“It’s every architects dream to be able to work with such a great, well-lit space, and the historical videos were an irreplaceable part of the museum’s story. The exhibition would not have hit its mark without the dnp Supernova Blade.


120” dnp Supernova Blade, 16:9, with 23-23 screen material


VKR Holding


Solutors Copenhagen, Denmark


Panasonic PT-EW730ZEJ




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