Bringing Japanese cycle racing to life

dnp Partner KIC Corporation has installed dnp Supernova Infinity Screen units to create a huge display for customers of Satellite Chuetsu, an off-track betting facility in Japan. This installation of the month not only meets the end customers’ demands for size and clarity, but also gives it a whole new selling point.

Betting facility needs an upgrade

Satellite Chuetsu is an off-track betting facility in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. When the time came to upgrade the facility’s previous 2 x 130” rear projection display, Satellite Chuetsu turned to dnp Partner KIC Corporation of Tokyo for the solution.

Going bigger and wider

Satellite Chuetsu was looking for a display that was not only bigger, but would also offer wider viewing angles. KIC had already installed a dnp Supernova Screen solution at Satellite Aizu, a similar facility in Fukushima Prefecture, and Satellite Chuetsu were keen to use similar technology.

Why dnp Supernova Infinity Screens?

Satellite Chuetsu eventually chose a 240” dnp Supernova Infinity 08-85 screen comprising four 120” units. The ability to create large screens with multiple units makes the dnp Supernova Infinity a clear alternative to rear projection solutions.

Great screen attracts customers

Clear, vibrant and lifelike images are essential for highly critical bettors – after all, their betting decisions depend on their opinion of the action they are watching. In this case, the sport is keirin, a Japanese form of paced cycle racing. Satellite Chuetsu can now say confidently, “come and experience the real life feeling of our 240” screen”, turning a simple display into a powerful selling point.

The new Supernova Infinity Screen also counteracts reflections from ambient light, which was a problem with the previous display. Bettors can now sit much closer to the screen and fully enjoy the live action without visual distraction.

Large size gets results

“We see this installation as an excellent example of how to use the dnp Supernova Infinity to create displays of incredible size from any number of screen units,” comments Hiro Kurita from KIC Corporation. “This is an installation to be proud of.”


dnp Supernova Infinity 08-85 240” (4 x 120”)


Satellite Chuetsu, Nagaoka, Japan


KIC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan


Panasonic PT-DZ21K2J WUXGA 20,000 lm


Signage & Advertising


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