dnp screens keep Munich’s traffic moving

Munich’s Traffic Control Centre is the biggest of its kind in Germany. Recently a 17-metre wide wall display system using dnp screens, was designed and installed by eyevis, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of large screen systems for control rooms, monitoring centres, information, communication, simulation and virtual reality.

Securing passenger safety

Munich is home to Germany’s biggest traffic management system and its operators depend on hundreds of video sources to control thousands of vehicles, lights and intersections. For such a mission critical installation, only the most reliable technology and highest image quality would do. 

A multi-input solution

The installation comprises 51 eyevis DLP video wall cubes equipped with 50” dnp Cross Prism Screens in a 17x3 configuration across a 17-metre wide wall. Over 200 video signals and 100 DVI signals can be displayed simultaneously in SXGA+ resolution, enhanced with LED illumination. This huge range of inputs enables operators to monitor thousands of street lights, tunnel lights and traffic signals – and to detect traffic at 5,300 intersections. 

dnp screens meet the criteria

Eyevis’ Director of Marketing & International Sales, Eric Hénique, explains the main criteria for this project: “The client wanted a display wall with the smallest possible gaps between adjacent screens. There had to be no risk of burn-in on screens displaying static images. And last, but not least, they required at least ten years’ spare parts availability.”
With 50” dnp Cross Prism Screens, it was possible to meet all these requirements, and deliver sharp, vivid images which would be clearly visible even in bright ambient lighting. The eyevis cubes also feature the EYE-PxP alignment tool to ensure perfect brightness and colour balance across the displays, compensating for any deviations in the projectors.


eyevis DLP videowall cubes (51) in a 17x3 configuration with 50” dnp Cross Prism Screens


Traffic Control Centre, Munich, Germany


eyevis, Reutlingen, Germany


eyevis EC-50-LSXT+CP


Control room


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