dnp screens overcome challenges in Croatian TV studio

Our January 2011 installation of the month is the new TV studio for broadcaster RTL Hrvatska (Croatia). RTL Hrvatska is the Croatian wing of the RTL Group, which is a leading European entertainment network. A range of high profile programmes, including the daily Danas News, are broadcast from this studio to audiences across the country and beyond.

Familiar challenges

Based in Luxembourg, RTL operates TV channels and radio stations across Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Russia, Hungary and Croatia. It offers 39 television channels and 32 radio stations in 10 countries. The company is therefore no stranger to the challenges of broadcasting quality media under a variety of difficult conditions. In this particular instance, the installation designers faced two specific obstacles: short throw and high ambient light. 

Overcoming light and space limitations

When system designer, DiSplay, was contacted by RTL, the client was already considering different screen options, such as the Stewart StarGlas 60 (installed at FOX studios). However, in its role as technical advisors on the project, dnp distributor COMM-TEC proposed the use of dnp optical projection screens, which perform superbly in high ambient light conditions. Since dnp optical screens incorporate contrast enhancement filters, they can absorb ambient light and improve image contrast, making it possible to achieve high quality images in any environment, even in daylight. Combined with two stackable Panasonic projectors, the chosen dnp screen successfully overcomes light and space limitations enabling RTL Hrvatska to project large, sharp images in the TV studio. 

Good news for Croatia

Representative of DiSplay Mladen Sinkovic explains, “We were confident about installing the dnp 150" Giant Wide Angle TV Screen since this line is specially designed to produce bright, sharp images with perfect colour balance in a TV studio situation.” RTL Danas is very pleased with the installation, and was also impressed by the smooth cooperation between all those involved in designing and building it: dnp, COMM-TEC, DiSplay and of course RTL themselves. The Croatian TV news has never looked so good! 


150” dnp Giant Wide Angle Screen, TV studio version (cut to 16:9 format)


RTL Hrvatska TV studio


COMM-TEC and DiSplay visual info-systems Varazdin d.o.o.


Panasonic DW90XE, stacked


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