Supernova enriches images for Alameda County

Cost-effective custom solutions are a main feature of dnp optical display technology. Delivering clear, high-contrast images in a brightly lit Council Chamber, the 169" dnp Supernova Infinity Screen provides the value for money that a responsible public body demands.

The need for detail

While working on the defining of districts for Alameda County in California, its Board of Supervisors were struggling to see fine detail on maps displayed using the existing screen. With accuracy paramount, the Board called in AV systems integrator Spinitar to advise on an upgrade.

Impressive contrast

Spinitar demonstrated dnp Supernova Screen technology to the Board, whose members were impressed by the excellent contrast available from these optical screens. Its performance was deemed outstanding, particularly in the setting of the very brightly lit Council Chamber.

See brightness demo

Screen-unfriendly room

Besides its bright illumination, the 43’-deep Chamber also presented a challenge with its screen-unfriendly rectangular configuration. rp Visual Solutions calculated that a 169" diagonal screen size was needed to deliver the highest quality images possible. This was easily created using dnp’s versatile Supernova technology.

Winning combination

Unlike traditional screen materials, dnp’s Supernova technology delivers superb ambient light rejection. This enabled the County to use a relatively low-power projector yet still benefit from spectacularly sharp and bright images. As a public body, the County is of course always subject to tough budgetary constraints. Fortunately, this winning combination of the dnp Supernova Infinity Screen with an 8K-lumen Christie DWU850-GS projector gives them enviably low TCO that the Board can rely on.


dnp Supernova Infinity Screen 169"


System integrators Spinitar AV on behalf of Alameda County, CA, USA


rp Visual Solutions, Anaheim, CA, USA


Christie DWU850-GS; 8K lumens, Laser, WUXGA


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