dnp Supernova Flex Classic pleases budget-conscious Bank of Russia

A requirement for superb images in a brightly lit conference room. Front projection essential. And the budget small and inflexible. Installer Syntegra met this demanding brief for the Bank of Russia with a high-contrast dnp Supernova Flex Classic Screen that needs only a mid-power projector – a solution that makes the project our Installation of the Month.

Poor image quality

The Bank of Russia’s North-West Department in St Petersburg decided to update the AV equipment in its conference room. The problem was that users were dissatisfied with the image quality provided by the existing 2.600 lumen projector with a standard white 300 cm wide motorized screen. This was made worse by the room being too brightly lit to enable videoconferencing.

Challenging conditions

The bank called their familiar local installer Syntegra. The challenge for Syntegra was a big one: not only to deliver a bright, sharp image, but also to stay within the bank’s strict budget. Syntegra’s Vasily Kasavchenko explains: “A standard gain 1 white screen would have needed a high-output projector, and the budget would not allow that. Furthermore, the room layout meant front projection was essential.”

How to match performance with budget

Syntegra demonstrated that the dnp Supernova material gave the desired result using only a mid-power projector, which reconciled performance and budget at a stroke. With best-in-class black-levels and perfect colour balance, dnp Supernova Screens are ideal for front projection solutions in environments with high ambient light levels.

Try our brightness demo to get an idea of the difference between standard white screens and dnp Supernova displays.

Problems solved!

The bank’s conference room has 22 personal monitors replicating the screen image, supported by an Extron switching system that enables notebooks, interactive monitors and videoconferencing devices to be connected. Consistency of image quality is important. “The image quality with the dnp Supernova Flex Classic motorized screen is comparable with that on the personal monitors, which is an excellent result,” says Vasily Kasavchenko.


dnp Supernova Flex Classic 120” 16:9


Bank of Russia (NW Department), St Petersburg, Russia


Syntegra, St Petersburg, Russia


Panasonic DZ780WE (7000 lm) with ET-DLE350 lens


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