dnp Supernova Infinity Screen boosts visual arts project at London station

Travellers passing through London’s King’s Cross Tube station are now able to enjoy a recently commissioned film work. And it’s all thanks to a 5,000-mm wide dnp Supernova Infinity Screen — which not only delivers superb HD video with accurate colour rendering but also meets the station’s stringent fire and safety regulations. This is our Installation of the Month.

Underground art

London’s public transport system is managed by Transport for London (TfL), whose ‘Art on the Underground’ project showcases visual arts across the network. A few months ago, having commissioned a film from Broomberg & Chanarin, TfL was looking for the right kind of display to show the film in King’s Cross Tube station.

Light, bright and safe

TfL met with their long-term specialist advisers, ADi Audiovisual, to map out the somewhat challenging requirements of this project. “In purely display terms, TfL wanted a seamless screen delivering top-quality HD video, and accurate colour rendering was paramount,” says Mark Wayman, ADi’s co-founder. “The weight of the screen was important since the installation would rest upon on a glass balustrade. And finally, TfL also has extremely strict fire and safety regulations.”

dnp Supernova Infinity ticks all the boxes

ADi recommended a 5,000-mm wide dnp Supernova Infinity Screen and TfL followed their advice.  Supplied and installed by Visual Displays, dnp’s UK Partner, this screen’s advanced contrast-enhancing technology set it apart from competing products. Says Wayman, “An LED screen of this size and resolution would have been extremely expensive, heavy and difficult to install. By contrast, the dnp Supernova Infinity Screen is relatively light weight, cost-effective and easy to install. It also meets the need for super-accurate colour rendition and all of TfL’s safety requirements.”

Exceeding expectations

TfL’s Curator and Technical Programme Manager, Niamh Sullivan, is thrilled with the results. “The effect is simply amazing,” she exclaims. “When we commissioned this large display, we had no idea it would look this good.”


dnp Supernova Infinity (5,000 mm)


Transport for London, UK, advised by ADi Audiovisual, London


Visual Displays Ltd., Bedford, UK


Panasonic 10,000-lumen laser projector

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