A match for bright students

When a high school in Japan needed affordable quality in a display system, dnp Partner KIC Corporation found the solution: a dnp Supernova STS Screen in a custom size and a custom-built frame. Delivering clear, bright images, our Installation of the Month is a great match for the rising stars in this school.

Supernova versus brighter projectors

Doshisha Kori Junior & Senior High School in Osaka, Japan, needed a large display for one of its brightly lit classrooms. Competing suppliers proposed very bright, but also expensive projectors, leaving only room in the budget for low performance white screens. As a result, they could not match the cost-effective image quality of the dnp Supernova STS Screen suggested by KIC Corporation.

Bright images for bright students

KIC demonstrated the product at the school, and the customer immediately recognised the dnp screen’s superior performance. It offered clearer images and outstanding contrast compared with competing solutions, whilst still being affordable. As the customer commented, ‘Supernova matches the brightness and energy of the students it is intended for!’

Customised solution – lightweight for easy mobility

The school’s size requirement was easily met, with a custom-made 92”dnp Supernova STS Screen. The final challenge for KIC was to achieve the desired mobility for the screen. With 25 years of experiences in the business, KIC has successfully developed the lightest frame system to achieve the system’s requirements, with an angled screen to suit the student’s eyelines. For KIC, attention to detail is vital, so even the strength of the supporting wall was fully assessed.

Daily sharing of information

The custom frame installation allows the screen to be slid easily across the classroom wall for complete convenience. The system will be in daily use across a wide range of subjects to enable teachers and students to share visual information quickly and clearly.


92” dnp Supernova STS (16:10)


Doshisha Kori Junior & Senior High School, Osaka, Japan


KIC Corporation, Osaka, Japan


EPSON EB-590WT 3,300 Lumens




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