dnp Supernova XL Screen for Nokia, India

A tight budget, a brightly lit viewing area and the requirement for a large uninterrupted display – that was the situation at Nokia’s corporate office in Noida, India. dnp Partner Communication Media Products responded to the call with an economical and visually stunning 170” dnp Supernova XL Screen.

Reception area with bright light

Nokia’s corporate office in Noida, India, wanted a large screen for presenting company information in its brightly lit reception area. The company had in mind a LED-backlit LCD flat-screen display or video wall when it contacted dnp Partner Communication Media Products in New Delhi.

Why not an LED screen or video wall?

“LED-backlit LCD screens above 100” are very expensive and way over the budget Nokia had allocated for the project,” says Sanjay Aggarwal, head of sales and marketing at Communication Media Products. “The more affordable of Nokia’s suggestions, the video wall, turned out to be unacceptable because of the interruptions to the image caused by the bezels.”

Installer suggests optical front projection

Communication Media Products suggested an optical front projection solution featuring a 4K-compatible 170” dnp Supernova XL Screen. “The dnp Supernova XL Screen’s high-contrast filter enables it to deliver image quality very close to that of an LED-backlit LCD screen, even in bright lighting, but at significantly lower cost,” says Sanjay Aggarwal.

Nokia is very pleased with the installation and has now also installed a 114” dnp Supernova Core Screen in their office in Chennai.


170” dnp Supernova XL


Nokia Solutions and Networks India Pvt. Ltd., Noida, India


Communication Media Products, New Delhi, India


Christie DWU555-GS + Lens 2.9-5.50:1 Zoom G/GS


Signage & Advertising


Kiran Infosystems, Mumbai, India


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