dnp Zenith Screens satisfy Vietnamese TV station

Ha Noi Radio & Television is the official network for Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. When the station wanted a big backdrop display, image quality was paramount among their many considerations. Installer Nam Long AV met every challenge with a rear projection solution based on dnp Zenith Screens.

Reliability, portability and high quality

Ha Noi Radio & Television (Ha Noi TV) wanted a large backdrop screen for its news and talk show programmes. The screen had to be free from horizontal and vertical lines, and offer the highest image quality. But that was only the beginning. It also had to meet those demands under studio lighting and with total reliability, over a period of 18 hours per day. And finally, the system had to be easily relocate-able to new studios in the near future.

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Possible solutions considered

“We had demonstrated a diffusion rear projection screen at the Ha Noi TV studios some time previously,” recalls Do Manh Ninh, Director at Nam Long AV. “The loss of contrast under studio lighting was unacceptable, even with a 15,000 lumens projector.” Ha Noi TV did not think an LCD video wall would meet their requirements, and considered LED solutions too expensive.

dnp example seals the deal

“We suggested a visit to one of our installations at the Vietnamese National Assembly TV station. This featured 4 x 106” dnp New Wide Angle Screens (16:10) in a dnp Module Building System, with a Sony VPL-FHZ55 projector,” says Do Manh Ninh. Ha Noi TV were impressed by what they saw.

Nam Long AV went on to install 3 x 106” dnp Zenith Screens (16:10) in a dnp Module Building System in the studio, teamed with a Sony Laser VPL-FHZ700L projector. “With dnp screens, we do not need expensive, high-brightness projectors. The Sony model we used also has the advantage of a 20,000-hour lifespan,” says Do Manh Ninh.

Best price-performance

“We considered many solutions, but finally decided for a combination of dnp rear projection screens with laser projectors as it met our quality demand and delivered the best price-performance.” Says Mr Quynh, Technical Manager of Ha Noi TV.

“We are used to spending money on cameras, but this is the first time we have invested in a high-quality display backdrop. The management team of Hanoi TV was very excited about the size and brightness of the new display when they visited the studio”, says Mr Duc, Project and Planning Manager of Ha Noi TV.


3 x 106” dnp Zenith Screens (16:10) in a dnp Module Building System


Ha Noi Radio & Television, Vietnam


Nam Long Audio Visual Co. Ltd., Vietman


Sony VPL-FHZ700L with VPLL-4011 lens


TV Studio


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