e-Sports screened on dnp LaserPanels

e-Sports are slowly but surely taking over as the world’s most popular sports. And Næstved Youth School, in the Danish countryside, is riding this wave! They recently established a GameTech house that educates and motivates 13-18 year olds in e-Sports, preparing them to design the games of tomorrow. The youth of Næstved now have a brand new state-of-the-art e-Sports facility featuring two 100” dnp LaserPanels for viewing sports events live. And the school’s staff have the perfect tool for evaluating events and teaching the principles of gaming, game design and app development.

Why dnp LaserPanels?

Næstved Youth School needed a display solution that would cater for both its size and presentation requirements. Two 100” dnp LaserPanel displays, one of them with touch capability met the brief for image size and quality perfectly, and at a lower price than LCD panels.

The end of the nerd era

At GameTech house, it’s all about preparing for the professional e-Sports arena. Gone are the days where gaming was synonymous with dark basements and junk food. “When competing in e-Sports at today’s highest level, gamers need healthy food, physical fitness and clear strategies to succeed,” says Pernille Bülow, manager of the GameTech facilities.

Developing tomorrow’s adults

In addition to the training in e-Sports there are classes in game design twice a week, preparing the students for further education. Lisbeth Pedersen the school’s head teacher explains, “We know that the skills we’re developing here will be highly sought after in the future labour market. Everyone is going to want fast thinking, improvisational ability, risk management, collaborative skills, creativity, analytical sense and an understanding of the need to empower and practice. These will be key qualities of tomorrow’s successful adults.”

Lively lessons

Since the installation of the new displays, the teachers at Næstved Youth School are having as much fun as their pupils. “I’m crazy about those screens, in particular the touch function, which I use all the time. It makes the classes easier and much livelier!” says Peter Kragh, e-Sports teacher.


100” dnp LaserPanel & 100” dnp LaserPanel Touch


Næstved Ungdomsskole, Denmark


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