Epson chooses dnp Supernova Blade for retail campaign

A brightly lit store environment, a limited amount of space, and the need to show off the performance of Epson’s projectors with the best image quality. Those were the challenges faced by Epson and Special-Elektronik, dnp distributor in Sweden, when planning for an Epson campaign in Elgiganten’s outlets.

Doing Epson products justice

Epson wanted to start a retail campaign for their EH-TW6600W projector. They were looking for a place and a display that could do full justice to their projector. They chose Elgiganten, a major consumer electronics chain with outlets across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as the place for their campaign. Image quality was paramount in their search for a display, of course, but there were also other challenges.

with elegant, high-contrast screens

Elgiganten stores are brightly lit and, as with any bricks-and-mortar retailer, space is at a real premium, which limits mounting options. In co-operation with dnp’s technicians Epson and Special-Elektronik, quickly identified that only dnp Supernova Blade Screens could meet Epson’s, requirements. In particular, these elegant, space-saving screens offer up to seven times greater contrast than conventional front-projection screens, which is a big advantage in a brightly lit retail environment.

..and innovative installation

The multiple dnp Supernova Blade Screens (100”, with 23-23 screen material) have now been installed. Suspended above Epson’s retail units, they face almost directly downwards. Special-Elektronik used cleverly designed frames to make this possible while maintaining the rigidity of the screens, which are only 3 mm thick.

In constant use every day, the 4K-compatible dnp Supernova Blade Screens reveal the true quality of Epson projectors. Says Peter Bloch from Special-Elektronik, “They deliver perfect images for customers to enjoy, and this of course helps people choose the viewing experience they want to take home.”


100” dnp Supernova Blade


Epson, Sweden


Epson EH-TW6600W


Signage & Advertising


Special-Elektronik, Karlstad, Sweden


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