Faithful images at new Johannesburg cathedral

dnp Supernova Screens in the UCKG Cathedral in Johannesburg provide all 7000 members of the congregation with a clear view of the service. A full 12,000 people were able to follow the building’s inauguration ceremony in September 2009, thanks to spectacular high-quality live images on screens.

Big audiences and bright light

While the building was still at the planning stage, the UCKG church asked Questek Customer Care (QCC) to supply the audio-visual installation for their new cathedral. QCC’s task was to create a set-up which would enable all congregation members to get a good view of the preacher’s face, no matter where they were sitting. And since most services are held during the daytime, a further challenge was to project quality images in ambient light.

A good view from any angle

QCC chose dnp’s Supernova Infinity Screens primarily because of their ability to provide quality images in high ambient light conditions. Two Supernova 300x169cm Infinity Screens were set up in the basement of the church, which is mainly used for baptisms. Four Supernova 400x225cm Screens were installed on the main, ground floor to show images broadcast from HD video cameras. Two of these were mounted next to the altar. Giving the people seated at the rear of the cathedral a good view, however, was more of a challenge as there were no walls on which to mount the screens. QCC solved this problem by mounting them on a frame, suspended from the ceiling by steel cables. 

An inclusive result

The new installation was put to the test last year at the cathedrals’ inauguration, where UCKG’s head bishop conducted a special ceremony. There was dancing and singing by local choirs, and thanks to the Supernova Screens, nobody in the congregation felt left out!


6 x dnp Supernova Infinity Screens


UCKG Park Station Cathedral in Johannesburg


Questek Customer Care (Pty) Ltd.


2 x 6.000 lumens HD projectors and 4 x 10.000 lumens projectors


Houses of worship


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