From here to Infinity with dnp Supernova

Having installed a 407” dnp Supernova Infinity Screen a few years ago, the Sentul Convention Centre in Indonesia decided to upgrade to an even bigger dnp Supernova Infinity Screen. With an image area exceeding 100m2 the new display provides guests with an even more sensational, true-tolife viewing experience.

Big venues need big screens

Indonesia’s Sentul International Convention Centre can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time. The organisers first installed a smaller dnp Supernova Infinity Screen. However, it didn’t take them long to realise they needed an even bigger screen to really fill this large venue, so they made the decision to upgrade to a 607” Supernova Infinity Screen.

Quality images, even in daylight

Since many of the conference centre’s activities take place during daytime in high ambient light, dnp optical projection screens are the ideal choice for this kind of venue. They ensure a bright image regardless of the time of day, wide viewing angles and a stunning contrast ratio. In order to achieve the 60,000 lumens needed for the dnp Supernova Infinity Screen, a second Digital Projection Lightning Series 30K projector was also added to the Convention Centre’s installation.

Larger than life

dnp Supernova Infinity is a modular screen system that can be assembled to create displays of an almost unlimited size. Taking advantage of this feature, the convention centre’s new screen is truly in proportion to the convention centre’s spacious interior. It is used for everything from presentations to music videos and live performances – creating a powerful impact and giving everyone in the audience a ringside view.


dnp Supernova Infinity Screen 607” in 16:9


Sentul International Convention Centre


IMS MAHAJAK, Indonesia


2 x Digital Projection Lightning Series 30K


Houses of worship


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