Hi-tech display to suit Valeo’s distinctive architecture

Bright ambient lighting, unusually angled surfaces and a demand for top-quality frameless images — that was the challenge presented by Valeo’s new R&D centre in Prague. Installers AV Media came up with a dnp Supernova Blade solution that delivers everything Valeo wanted, and wins our Installation of the Month award.

Unusual interior presents challenges

Valeo Autoklimatizace k. s., which supplies cabin comfort equipment and controls to the automotive industry, has invested in a new R&D centre in Prague, Czech Republic. The centre’s reception is not only flooded with natural light from two fully glazed walls, but also has a very striking layout. The floor plan is irregular, and walls and surfaces are at unusual angles.

AV Media advises

Valeo wanted a frameless, high-quality image for their main feature display in the reception area. Installers AV Media of Prague were called in to advise. A possible LCD solution was rejected in favour of a 110” dnp Supernova Blade Screen plus a Panasonic PT-RZ570 projector.

See video of Supernova Blade in bright environment 

Harmonious solution

The dnp Supernova Screen is now in daily use, displaying bright, crisp images in the form of continuous video loops of corporate information. The problem of the very strong ambient lighting has been completely overcome, and the display harmonizes superbly – and unobtrusively – with the centre’s distinctive architecture.

Immediate “WOW” effect

Valeo’s National Marketing and External Communication Director, Gábor Iffland, is delighted with the Supernova’s impact and performance: “This installation is the cherry on the cake in our new R&D centre. Visitors entering the building get an immediate wow effect, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve and really reinforces our image as a high-tech company.”


110” dnp Supernova Blade, 23-23 screen material, 16:9


Valeo Autoklimatizace k. s., Prague, Czech Republic


AV Media a.s., Prague, Czech Republic


Panasonic PT-RZ570 laser LED

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