The University of Glasgow just installed 30 Supernova screens- Infinity, Blade & STS.

This project was shortlisted for the prestigious AV Awards Education Project of the Year 2021 Award. The task was not only developing a creative environment to provide leading-edge teaching and learning experiences but also to be able to deliver exceptional experiences for their planned international conferences and events.

The challenge

This project presented various AV challenges, particularly in delivering content to some viewer locations. This required sequences of CAD design and application of AVIXA’s AV standards, using our advanced parametric 3D CAD modelling tools and optical calculators.


Going above and beyond

The project team faced stern challenges in the two main conjoined spaces: adjacent auditoria to be used as a single space or separated into two spaces with a retractable dividing wall. These spaces were made complex by their shape and the seating plans - including students’ ability to collaborate with those in the row behind. An iterative and collaborative process ensued, refining plans based on AVIXA’s DISCAS standard – both for image size and viewing angles. This led to a complex design of multiple screens. 


Data based decision

We created display specifications based on their deliverable performance to ensure conformance in excess of required standards. The centerpiece of the main auditoria is two giant 6.2m wide 4K UHD displays. The initial assumption was that dvLED displays would be needed. But by using the AVIXA PISCR standard it was calculated that the most suitable displays would be ALR (ambient light rejecting) projection screens, specifically dnp’s Supernova 08-85 material. 


The right choice

By using projection rather than dvLED, over the lifetime of the installation, kilowatts of power will be saved in addition to expensive heat management. The projection screens can be used indefinitely as projectors are upgraded over the coming decades. The toxic landfill associated with the disposal of dvLED displays at end of life is also avoided. Not only do these spaces give a visually stunning experience but they are designed and deployed in a dual tech way that combines new AV over IP technology with standard tried and tested XTP backbone also.

Client feedback “We were pleased to use Visual Displays’ standards expertise to plan, supply, install and sign-off a building full of dnp projection displays that the client is delighted with – plus their practical team support at every stage of the project.” Kinly, UK.


6 x Supernova Infinity 16:9, 16 Supernova Blade 120", 8 x Complete Laser Display (Supernova UST)


James McCune Smith Learning Hub at the University of Glasgow


Visual Displays and dnp Visiosign

Global AV integrator



Visual Displays


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