Live sport on the menu

dnp Supernova Blade Screens deliver crisp, bright, fast-moving sports action while overcoming many physical obstacles at the WHISTLE sports bar and grill in Mannheim, Germany. The German AV pioneers epicto wins our Installation of the Month award with this eye pleasing installation.

Like being at the game

At the WHISTLE – Great Sports · Fine Food bar and grill, fine food is complemented by an equally appetizing menu of live sport - displayed in 4K wherever possible. WHISTLE wanted to make the viewing experience for patrons even better, so they asked epicto – a leading full-service provider of event and conference technology – to come up with a solution.

Light and space limitations

epicto had to solve a number of problems: a relatively low and somewhat cluttered ceiling, numerous sources of ambient light, minimal space for projectors and a demand for multiple wide viewing zones.

Supernova Screens solve it all!

Working closely with COMM-TEC, dnp’s distributor in Germany, epicto came up with a solution based on four 120” dnp Supernova Blade Screens. dnp’s seven-layer technology delivers the bright, high-contrast, high-definition images that WHISTLE wanted – images with startling impact even in bright lighting.

Learn more about dnp optical technology


A great, shared experience

WHISTLE now has 20 screens controlled by a 64x64 crosspoint digital media matrix, offering patrons a huge choice of live, fast-moving sports in crystal-clear high definition. Screens are strategically located around the venue, but the centre of attention is the CUBE with the dnp Supernova Blades. This array of large screens above the bar gives everyone at WHISTLE the chance to enjoy the same view simultaneously, whatever nearby screens are showing. “The great shared experience that sport fans appreciate is made even more involving thanks to dnp Supernova Blade Screens,” says epicto.

Try our brightness demo to get an idea of the difference between standard white screens and dnp Supernove displays.


4 x 120” dnp Supernova Blade 16:9


WHISTLE – Great Sports - Fine Food, Mannheim, Germany


epicto GmbH, Edingen-Neckarhausen, Germany


Panasonic PT-RQ13K 4K+ DLP laser projectors


COMM-TEC GmbH, Uhingen, Germany

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