Meeting the challenge of a huge glazed wall

The Council Offices in Landsberg/Lech, Germany, presented an extraordinary optical challenge: a very large meeting room with a fully glazed wall, and the need for a bright, high contrast display that would work in strong daylight. They chose a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen (232”) and we have named them our Installation of the Month.

A large, bright venue

The principal function of the 225 m2 meeting room in the Council Offices in Landsberg, Germany, is as the venue for council meetings. Able to accommodate up to 200 people, it is also used for panel discussions and events, and is hired out to organizations of various kinds for their own events.

The room presents a big challenge to screen technology, being very brightly lit. One wall, in fact, is almost entirely glazed. The Council decided to replace its existing screen with one that could deliver the brilliant images and high contrast required, even in full daylight.

Light absorbing screen

A dnp Supernova Infinity front projection screen (5 x 3.12 m, 232”) was installed. The unique dnp Supernova technology absorbs ambient light while returning the image light to the viewer. Delivering up to seven times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens, dnp Supernova Screens provide more vivid colours and more detailed images.

Making full use of the room

District Councillor Thomas Eichinger observes that the dnp Supernova Screen has opened up the meeting room for new uses. “This modern, state-of-the-art technical equipment offers new possibilities, not only for the internal committees, but also for all the other internal and external users of our meeting room.”


232” dnp Supernova Infinity (5 x 3.12 m)


Landratsamt, Landsberg am Lech, Germany


VAV Medientechnik


Barco RLM-W14


Conference Room




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