Premier dnp LaserPanels for top-flight Dutch soccer club

Clubs playing in Eredivisie, the top Dutch soccer league, have to provide facilities that match their status. When recently promoted Fortuna Sittard upgraded its AV system with an xScreen solution, the club adopted dnp LaserPanel solutions to display vibrant images across its stadium in our Installation of the Month.

Promotion calls for an upgrade

Soccer club Fortuna Sittard advanced last season and returned to Eredivisie, the top Dutch league. The club’s home ground in Sittard is a 12,500-seat multifunctional stadium that’s used for conferences and other events as well as soccer matches. Promotion brought with it the need to upgrade the stadium’s facilities, including its AV system. 

Choice of xScreen solution

The club opted for an xScreen solution that would be capable of combining all kinds of digital content - including live images and pre-recorded material via a content-management system. Six dnp LaserPanel solutions were required for different parts of the stadium. They had to be able to display crisp, vibrant live images, game highlights, messaging and advertising.

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Choice of dnp screens

On a visit to ISBC Sport, Fortuna Sittard’s chairman Isitan Gün was bowled over by the size, performance and cost-effectiveness of the dnp LaserPanel solution used as part of ISBC’s solution. He had no doubt that dnp LaserPanel would work equally well at his facilities.

Six 100” dnp LaserPanel solutions were therefore installed - in the business lounge, restaurant and fans’ area. They display all the action plus other digital content via the xScreen system, both on match days and during conferences and social gatherings. 

Transforming the Fortuna Sittard experience

“Our promotion to Eredivisie meant we had to upgrade our stadium facilities to enhance the ‘Fortuna Sittard experience’. Our six 100” dnp LaserPanel solutions have demonstrated to sponsors and fans that our return to Eredivisie marks the start of a new revived era,” says Fortuna Sittard’s chairman, Isitan Gün.


6 x 100” dnp LaserPanel


Fortuna Sittard, Sittard, Netherlands


xScreen Interactive, Hoofddorp, Netherlands; with BB AV Support, Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands


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