Singapore bank chooses Supernova - again

Over the years, PAVE System Pte Ltd has successfully installed several dnp screens for one of the companies top banking customers in Singapore. Recently they equipped the meeting and conference rooms in 6-storey building with dnp Flex Classic Screens.

To infinity and beyond

When Michael Xie of PAVE System Pte Ltd was given the task to propose a new display solution for a large meeting facility, the choice of brand was clear from the start, since the client was very pleased with their current dnp screens.

“The first thought that came into my mind was to continue using dnp’s ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) screen technology to eliminate problems with ambient light hitting the screen. For this installation we wanted a screen type that allows an even higher level of customization, such as the dnp Infinity Screen", said Michael Xie.

The dnp Supernova Infinity is a modular screen system that creates exceptionally large-sized viewing experiences out of any number of Supernova screen units. By fitting together Supernova screen panels using a uniquely developed support structure, the Supernova Infinity essentially transforms the revolutionary Supernova screen into a building block for creating large-scale displays with endless size possibilities. 

Exceeding customer expectations

The customer was very pleased with the solution which was custom-fitted to the room, that is being used for town-hall meetings and presentations. The installation was delivered smoothy and included a videowall seamless switcher/processor (Kramer VSM-4X4HFS) that can create quad image (4 different source inputs onto 1 screen) or single image (from 1 of the 4-input source). The system is controlled using a Crestron 7” wired touch panel.


dnp Infinity UST 150" 16:10


Top banking customer in Singapore

System Integrator

Mr. Michael Xie, Sales Manager


Epson EB-L1070UNL 7,000 lumens Laser with ELPLX01W Elbow lens

Authorised dealer

PAVE System Pte Ltd


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