Sparkasse Bielefeld banks on Supernova

The German bank, Sparkasse Bielefeld, has chosen dnp Supernova Infinity Screens for their new 240-seat auditorium in Bielefeld. The flexible display system allows the auditorium to be divided into two smaller auditoriums and the projectors can be elegantly concealed in the ceiling when they are not in use.

Display for Sparkasse Bielefeld headquarter

German “Sparkasse” are widely praised for their stability and their service to German savers and small businesses. Sparkasse Bielefeld which operates in north-western Germany turned to system integrators Heydel GmbH when they needed an auditorium display for their new conference area. 

A multi-purpose auditorium with abundant ambient light

The auditorium is located on one of the top floors at the Sparkasse Bielefeld headquarters and has a large window section with lots of natural light. Sparkasse Bielefeld wanted a minimalistic and aesthetic solution that wouldn’t block the courtyard view. They also didn’t want to obstruct the views or distract from the room’s stunning design with window blinds. 

High-contrast display technology

Integrator Heydel GmbH has supplied media-solutions based on dnp Supernova screen technology for Sparkasse Bielefeld since 2008. Heydel decided to use dnp Infinity Screens for the job. LED screens were never considered as they are to heavy and bulky to fit into the minimalistic room architecture.

“We know from the past that dnp delivers state of the art solutions and, in this case, three 170” dnp Supernova Infinity screens, which combined with a 7,000 lumens projector deliver astonishing high contrast images. And with help from dnp’s installation supervisor we managed to create a fantastic built in-wall solution” says Burkhard Cahmen, Managing Director, of System Integrator Heydel GmbH. 

Flexible display solution

Two of the huge screens are suspended in front of the glass walls – almost appearing to hover in mid-air. The last screen is built directly into the wall. The built-in screen is the main display for the auditorium while the two side screens in front of the windows are used for supporting content/messages.

Thanks to a movable wall, the auditorium can be divided into two smaller auditoriums, each with room for 80 people. A control system shuts down the main projector and hides it from view in the ceiling when the large auditorium is not in use.

“The elegant design and image quality is simply amazing. We are proud of the solution and look forward to using it every time”, says Architect, Monika Ahmann of Sparkasse Bielefeld.


3 x dnp Supernova Infinity 3800 x 2375 mm


Sparkasse Bielefeld, Germany


Heydel GmbH


Epson EB-G7900 (7000 lumens )



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