Bringing new life to home theatre

"Please find me a screen that will improve the picture quality in my home theatre!" came one customer's heartfelt plea to Norwegian AV specialist, Intrepid AV.

Demonstration seals the deal

Often, home theatres are not completely darkened, so the challenge is to provide top quality images in conditions with a certain level of ambient light. As a dnp Authorised Dealer, Intrepid already had the perfect solution in mind. "A picture paints a thousand words, they say, so we arranged a live demonstration of a dnp Supernova Core Screen," recalls Intrepid AV's Kjetil Tveter. "And I am glad to say that our customer was overwhelmed by the quality."

Leading the way in quality and contrast

What exactly is it that makes dnp’s Supernova Screens stand out from the crowd? Kjetil points out that Supernova is the first ever front projection screen to break the 15:1 image contrast barrier. "Compared with an ordinary 1.0 gain screen, it dramatically enhances the dynamics in the picture,” he says. “Moreover, the ANSI contrast is many times greater, while the black level is deeper." 

Satisfied film lover!

The new owner is delighted with the new equipment. "The screen has made a huge difference even in my dark, dedicated home theatre. I would recommend the dnp Supernova Screen to everyone who loves watching movies on big screens."


128" dnp Supernova Core (2.35:1)


Private customer, Drammen, Norway


Intrepid AV, Norway


Sony VW1000


Home entertainment


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